The Amgen FIRST STEP™ Program is here to help eligible commercially insured patients pay for their out-of-pocket prescription costs, including deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment. If this is your first visit to our site, just click below to get started. If you're already registered, please login above.

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Patient Eligibility

  • Patient must be prescribed one or more qualifyng Amgen products.
  • Must have private commercial health insurance that covers medication costs for the qualifying Amgen product(s).
  • Must not be a participant in any federal-, state-, or government-funded healthcare program such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Medigap, Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Defense (DoD), or TriCare.
  • May not seek reimbursement for value received from the Amgen FIRST STEP™ Program from any third-party payers, including flexible spending accounts or healthcare savings accounts. If at any time patients begin receiving coverage under any federal-, state-, or government-funded healthcare program, patients will no longer be eligible to participate in the Amgen FIRST STEP™ Program and must call 1-888-4ASSIST (1-888-427-7478) Monday through Friday, 9 AM–8 PM ET to stop participation. Restrictions may apply. This is not health insurance. Program invalid where otherwise prohibited by law.

*   Other restrictions apply. If you become aware that your health plan or pharmacy benefit manager does not allow the use of manufacturer co-pay support as part of your health plan design, you agree to comply with your obligations, if any, to disclose your use of the card to your insurer. Amgen reserves the right to revise or terminate this program, in whole or in part, without notice at any time.

Coverage Limits/
Program Maximums

  • Program covers out-of-pocket medication costs for the qualifying Amgen products only. Program does not cover any other costs related to office visit or administration of the Amgen product. Patient is responsible for costs above the maximum benefit.
  • Ongoing activation of the Amgen FIRST STEP™ card is contingent on the submission of the required Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form by the healthcare provider's office within 45 days of use of the Amgen FIRST STEP™ card. Patients will be responsible for reimbursing the program for all amounts paid out if the EOB for the date of service is not received within 45 days.
  • Please call 1-888-4ASSIST (1-888-427-7478) and ask your Amgen FIRST STEP™ representative to help you understand your eligibility for the program and the relevant maximum program benefit(s), which reset each calendar year.